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Welcome to the coolest club in town!

After a successful first year, we have now grown to 175+ members from all across the world. With our very own KCC x Etxeondo Winter & Summer kit, we are here to change the cycling game. Our mission is to create an international community that shares the same passion: cycling! We love riding together, doing cool events, visiting new places and having fun!

Are you looking to join a community because you just started cycling? Do you want to race at local circuits? Do you want to join events, but not just by yourself? Do you want to wear a kit that actually looks cool? Join us! 

As a cycling club, we will organise events, host group rides, offer a licence from the KNWU to race and much more! We are here to create a community of people who are passionate about one thing; cycling. 


  • Unique partnerships with brands such as Sockeleon, Live Slow Ride Fast, Koersplaat, Laka (insurance), Sport-masseuses, de Eeuwige Jeugd and more
  • Early access to the coolest (cycling) events
  • Group rides (5 times per week)
  • Clubhouse
  • Unique discount at the shop Kaptein Tweewielers
  • Discount codes for events of our partners
  • Diverse community from different